Universālā smērē Industry Calsul 2 18kg

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  • High quality multipurpose Calcium complex sulfonate lubricating grease developed for lubrication of Steel manufacturers, mining equipment and machinery, paper industry and forestry for heavy
    duty applications.
    Valvoline Industry Calsul 2 is high quality lubricating grease based on calcium sulfonate complex.
    It is recommended for very difficult exploitation conditions.

    Valvoline Industry Calsul 2 lubricating grease is used for the lubrication of roller and sliding bearings operating in difficult working conditions, bearings on drying conditioners for sunflower, soybean, etc.
    It is particularly suitable for conditions with significant impact of water, uneven loads or increased operating temperatures.

    Colour: light brown -brown
    Soap type: Calcium-sulfonate complex
    Oil Viscosity: 460
    NLGI grade: 2
    Application temperature: -20 to + 180

    Performance levels
    ISO L-6743-9: L-XBFIB 2
    DIN 51502: KP 2R-20 Attēliem un video ir ilustratīvs raksturs.
  • Svars18 kg
    Platums230 mm
    Dziļums390 mm
    Augstums340 mm
    Iepakojuma daudzums1
    Produkta kods891242&VAL

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